Glove Care

Looking after your gloves should not only be common practice, but it is essential to optimise performance and durability. Follow our guide to maximise results!   


Remove foil

All of our gloves have a plastic film on the palms which you must remove before using for the first time. Be careful & patient when peeling the plastic. Rushing the process can lead to damaging the palms.


Washing the gloves

All gloves should be looked after. The better you care for them, the longer they will last you. After each use clean them thoroughly to preserve the grip and minimise abrasion.

Once cleaned: leave the gloves in a cool, dark space and let them dry (this can take up to 24 hours). Avoid putting the gloves in direct sunlight or on a heater.



Wear and tear is a natural process as we use the highest quality contact latex. Abrasion is caused by friction between the ball/ground and the gloves, meaning it can happen at any time (even after the first use). This is common in all high end latex and is not a material defect or reason for complaint.

Unfortunately, abrasion is not completely preventable. However you can minimise it by following these tips:

- Good diving technique. Avoid heavy contact with the ground as this can cause extreme abrasion.

`- Keep gloves damp during use. Dry gloves are more susceptible to abrasion.

- Do not wear the gloves when carrying heavy things (for example: goals).


Life span

Professionals go through gloves at a much higher rate than amateurs due to the demand and use at their level.

An average amateur will go through four pairs of gloves a year, meaning one pair can last for at least a few months.

How you look after your gloves has a big impact on how long they will last overall.




How to clean your gloves

•soft cloth/sponge
•cold/lukewarm water

Start by filling the bowl/bucket with cold/lukewarm water.

Add a very small amount of soap into the water and let it mix gradually.

Take your soft cloth/sponge and rinse it in the water.

Gently rub away any dirt, marks or stains from the latex & backhand.

When the latex has been cleaned thoroughly allow your gloves to dry naturally.

Keep them out of any direct sunlight or heat.